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Forex is full of Liars and Thiefs just waiting to take every thin dime
from the uninformed forex trader. I am asking for just 5 minutes of
your time to share some crucial information with you that might
change the way you think about forex trading forever. OK if you are
still reading or listening to this thank you for sharing your valuable
time with me. I am going to get right down to the hard facts. Most
forex systems just DON'T WORK! There It is You already knew it 95% of
the poor unsuspecting defenseless traders who pour hundreds of
Millions of dollars into the forex market every day know this already.

My name is Alfred Carroll and my brother David and I have been
professional speculators and made our living trading the markets now
since 2003. We started trading stocks online in 1999 but only part
time and we did take some bumps and suffered some HUGE losses in the
markets. David learned everything he could about exotic mathematical
, Computer science and Artificial Intelligence. I saw things a
bit different and persued learning about Technical analysis,
psychology and philosophy. We pool our knowledge together in the form
of our software and this ever evolving website.

In early 2007 we got a Breakthrough that is so simple but so
powerful it can change your trading forever. Any Market Forex, stocks,
bonds, whatever shares one thing in common. People are trading the market

NOT charts

NOT waves

NOT some outdated, overpriced complicated system

rehashed time and time again from 50 years ago. We have
developed a new technology to make snap
decisions for forex positions just like the human brain
does. Most trading strategies are slow and undynamic
methodical systems that just can't work when applied
to human action.

Today technology is just amazing. We can put 30,000 songs on
something that fits in our palm. Only until now forex trading just had
not caught up. Every company is selling you " me too " software. Same
charts, indicators and widgets with new names. The problem is that
once everything averages up in most of these indicators the trades are
over. this is why 95% of forex day traders don't make any money at
all. this is not YOUR FAULT it is just you have been lied to.

It's easier to remake a hit song than to write a new one or just
use the same notes and ideas in a different order. As an example, as I
write this the number 4 song on Billboard's top 100 charts is by the
artist Fergie " Big girls don't cry ". That was the same title and theme
of another hit song by Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons around 40 years ago.
Most forex trading systems are
taking this easy way out and selling you the same song again and
again at inflated prices. Problem is buying the same song cost you
nothing more than a single. Using outdated systems to trade the forex
market can cost you Thousands of dollars, Hours of frustration and
embarassment in the faces of your peers and family.

We call our technology Digital Intuition. This is all about
programming a computer
in a new way with new technology not just technical
analysis but the ability to examine a situation and make
a snap judgement like we do about people when we first
meet them. Modern man EVOLVED from caveman when we had to decide if
another caveman was friend or foe fast ( could not take 5 days to get
to know the guy ). We had to decide if a food was poison or not
instantly. This is how the market works and it's time Forex systems
EVOLVE with the rest of technology.

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Forex trading is the ultimate home based business with over 1.9 trillion dollars exchanged each day. How much of that money could be yours with the right tools and someone to take you by the hand and show you how to use them?

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1.  Forex offers upto 100:1 leverage and this means that
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3.  Our unique coaching style makes learning about forex trading fun, fast and easy for anyone on any level. The free forex videos we offer are not just crammed with hundreds of boring charts. We explain how and why the market moves in entertaining and informative clips like no one else is doing now. We strive to get you anxious to learn as much as you can about forex trading and that's our key to your success.

4. Forexflows is not just another forex signals service. Any company just offering signals online has a dirty little secret that could cost you thousands of dollars before you figure it out. Let me share this secret with you now before you pay for it later. A forex signal is useless if the company doesn't also take the time to make sure you understand the fundamentals of trading that forex signal so you can squeeze out maximum profits and minimize losses consistently.

5.  We actually trade using the same signals we sell as a premium feature inside forexflows. What you might not know is that 95% of the information you see online regarding forex trading is crammed with overcomplicated and outdated theories delivered in a boring fashion from guys who want to make money selling systems they haven't traded a dime using. Forexflows was writen by professional traders for regular people who want to understand how to trade the forex market successfully.  We are confident that once you see how easy it can be to make money trading forex online using our simple guidelines that you will decide to come back to our site and upgrade to one of our premium signal services on the bottom of this page.

6.  Our signals are among the best in the industry and are offered at rock bottom prices so everyone regardless of financial stature can trade right along side us using the sophisticated artificial Intelligence engine we call digital intuition wich is built right into the Forexflows premium signal service.

Download your free copy of our Forexflows software now and enjoy all the free features as long as you want.  We are real people trying to make a difference in the online world when it comes to making money.Get your copy of forexflows now. We guarantee you there is absolutely no obligation to ever purchase anything!

Forex Flows Free Features:

There are several free features in our software designed to make trading currencies a lot more fun and profitable such as
  • Pivot Calculator:  Pivots are one of the most reliable predictive indicators any trader can have when used properly. Pivots were developed by floor traders and are still very widely used throughout Forex, stock and commodities markets to this day. Our calculator not only does the calculations for you but you can save 3 different sets of numbers as you profile up to 10 different markets. We also include the mid point calculations as well and a beatiful graphical design for easy cross reference on a chart.
  • Camarilla Calculator: Invented around 1980 by Bond Trader Nick Stott or atleast this is what is accepted by most. Camarilla Pivots are a little variation believed by some to be more accurate than standard Pivots for predicting the markets. You will see examples of how to use this simple indicator in your day to day trading and find interesting setups before the market even gets going.
  • Live News: We have a live news feed built into forex flows with links to all the stories that are moving the forex markets as well as commentary and articles from your's Truly that will be updated in realtime everyday. Also you can have headlines read to you using the MS speech engine for convenience. This is handy for those who just want a quick summary and headlines. These feeds are delived from RSS right into forex flows 24 hours a day.
  • Forex Training Video: I will be regularly updating a video archive that you can access for free inside of the forex flows software. We will talk about trading strategies, fixed odds financial betting and try to deliver an endless flow of useful forex information to your desktop in easy to understand 5 - 12 Min clips.
System Requirements: Forex flows requires a windows based PC with WIN98 - WinXP
We also recommend a sound card and the Microsoft speech engine to enable the news reader.
you can download and install the speech engine here but most system with WinXP have this already installed. So long as you see a speech Icon in your control panel you are already setup
Otherwise you will need to download
for languages other than english you will also need
NOTE: These are big files so check first to see if you need them

Video Access: We recommend a Broadband connection to best view our videos and Macromedia Flash should be installed on your computer.


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Forex Flows (4) weeks Standard

Forex Flows (4) weeks Standard

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Forex Flows (4) weeks Deluxe

Forex Flows (4) weeks Deluxe
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